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As a result of our diverse experience in asset classes and investment products, we have a wealth of investment management and product development experience which extends significantly beyond the underlying common investment procedures.  more...

Welcome to Genkai Securities

We have embarked on our journey in the Capital Market with the vision to emerge as one of the most trusted & respected business houses. Growing Together is our Guiding Philosophy; the best interests of Our Clients, our overriding value; professionalism & transparency, the cornerstones of our deliverables



  • Are you an Active Trader? An occasional investor?
  • Trading? Simple: a combination of terminal-based and online platforms
  • With our proven expertise in financial services, we will help you achieve diversification.
  • We offer comprehensive Investment, Retirement & Financial Planning services.


pic1Investment Solutions gives schemes access to a whole new approach to strategy setting, implementation and monitoring service, which until now has been out of reach for all but the largest schemes. Coupled with our focus on innovation, this enables us to provide the best solutions, based on the specific needs of the ultimate client.