Research that cuts through the clutter

Our efficient research team has an eye for detail and provides Fundamental Research, Technical Analysis and Innovative Portfolio Strategies to help capitalize on market opportunities. Our research areas cover Portfolio Design, Asset Allocation, Life Cycle Investing, Model Portfolios and Stock Specific Recommendations. Whatever your goals and your risk appetite, we have the expertise to deliver solutions that meet your needs.

Approach to Research
• Focus on long-term performance while balancing short-term objectives.
• Fundamental view supported by short, medium and long-term views.
• Quality and performance outweigh quantity.
• Views to suit different Investor Objectives such as “Buy and Hold” investors, Active Traders, Long-term Money Managers & Liability-based Fund Managers.
• Holistic approach where top-down Asset Class, Market and Sector views are supported by bottom-up Valuation of Stocks.
• Use of the Genkai Securities Core Strength Index to rank stocks and create portfolios.

Dedicated Investor’s Desk

We have a dedicated Investor’s Desk for our foreign and domestic Institutional Clients. We deliver value by combining cutting-edge research, access to market information and seamless execution. In fact, the research that we deliver to Individual Clients draws on the skill of the same high quality team, which carries out research for our Institutional Clients.

We have a variety of research reports dedicated to investors:
• Our Daily News Capsule -Key Global (Economic & Sector) and Corporate newsfeeds with links to the detailed article.
• Genkai Securities Market View - Our daily Fundamental & Technical View on the Market including Actionable Calls.
• Initiating Coverage -Fundamental Calls with the investment horizon of 12-15 months
• Positional Picks - Stock picks based on the intermediate and the short term trends with a holding period of one to three months. Study includes the daily & weekly pricing analysis and other momentum readings.
• Market Analysis - A detailed road map for coming weeks with important support and resistance level.
• Technical Snapshot - Graphical display of the stocks showing important support and resistance levels.
• The Long Haul Enhance your perspective & make smart investment decisions ranging from medium to long-term. Emphasis is on primary & intermediate trends and chart patterns.
• Technical Overview - Synopsis of various Global Markets, Commodities and Forex. We cover them all in this newsletter as a part of Index Analysis.