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We incorporate cutting-edge, analytical techniques into our solutions, which are available to investors of all sizes at an affordable cost.

Investment Solutions - a specialist investment management company, committed to providing innovative bespoke solutions to investors.

Our solutions include multi asset investment solutions, tactical asset allocation, financial planning and an investment platform designed for individual investors.

Our Solutions

As a result of our diverse experience in asset classes and investment products, we have a wealth of investment management and product development experience which extends significantly beyond the underlying common investment procedures. We cover the market and have no bias to influence our manager selection and other services. We strongly believe in providing high quality unbiased opinions which drive transparent and cost effective products and services.

Multi Asset Investment Solutions

Our flexibility means we can provide multi-manager mandates ranging from a single sector to a multi-sector, multi-regional and multi-asset-class combination. Whether we manage portfolios in their entirety, provide manager selection or asset allocation recommendations, we tailor our service to provide a total solution or complement existing multi-manager/multi-asset strategies for the short, medium or long-term as required.

We monitor all major asset classes, constantly reviewing and monitoring the whole of market. We offer a range of services from one off manager search services, to full buy list support.

Investment Solutions gives schemes access to a whole new approach to strategy setting, implementation and monitoring service, which until now has been out of reach for all but the largest schemes. Coupled with our focus on innovation, this enables us to provide the best solutions, based on the specific needs of the ultimate client.

Our professional advisers, our investment specialists provide solutions to support our clients on a journey from their current funding position towards their long-term goals. This can include an analysis of current risk exposure; help with setting objectives, advice on asset allocation, implementation of the chosen strategy and the establishment of a regime of triggers and monitoring, which allows the advisors to work with their clients to remove risk from the scheme when the time is right. 

Tactical Asset Allocation

utilizing the functionality of our platform and our in-house solvency management system, we are able to monitor and implement Dynamic Asset Allocation products to provide rotation between asset classes in institutional portfolios. Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) is a powerful strategy that increases investments in asset classes with the highest potential for appreciation and shrinks allocations to asset classes with greater potential for loss. Many investors tend to run with the pack, they raise their equity stakes when stocks are highly priced or just let their allocations drift upwards with markets. By investing in assets which have a higher short-term performance potential than the strategic asset allocation position, greater returns and lower volatility can be achieved.

We have a long-established tradition of employing Tactical Asset Allocation techniques based on a global approach. These techniques have played a key role in the development of our investment management philosophy, and over time, we have refined and developed these to stay at the forefront of this field. Our TAA process and decisions are integral to our investment services and products.

Together with you, we specify the investment policy and other parameters. Investment Solutions provides the governance requirements as well as all the tasks involved in the setting up and administration of investments, while advisors can be focused on the core elements of the value added chain: asset management advisory services and distribution.

Our clients are able to create multi-asset class investments that enable clients to make changes to happen quickly and with only a requirement of reporting rather than approval.

We offer all the components necessary to run a successful investment business.